Monday, February 11, 2013

Show the earth your love with green valentines

Valentines Day is a potentially wasteful holiday - individually wrapped candies, cards, envelopes, etc. But Valentines Day is such a fun time to celebrate your loved ones, so this year, lets explore some green ways to show our love and appreciation!

One such option is Delightfully Valentines. For $3, Delightfully provides an awesome "present opening" experience that uses absolutely no paper and is handled completely online. You visit the site, either enter in your gift (ex., "A Home-Cooked Dinner for Valentine's Day") or buy a gift card on the site. Then,  electronically "wrap" it using either a collage of pictures or a photo puzzle. Next, your Valentine receives notification that their gift is waiting and when they visit the site, receive the experience of putting together a puzzle or sifting through photos to reveal what you've planned for them. So much better than saying, "Honey, the reservation is at 8," and so much greener than a Hallmark card at CVS.

Another option is to give potted plants rather than bouquets. Potted plants last much longer and can help improve indoor air quality. Your valentine is sure to enjoy having a permanent decoration rather than a fleeting piece of beauty.

Finally, try making homemade treats instead of purchasing individually wrapped candy that has likely been shipped across the country. Try your hand at making fudge, cookies, or brownies for a personalized sweet treat that shows more thought and effort than a candy bar! Or personalize an everyday item for a cute surprise - like a sticker on an organic apple:

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