Thursday, October 16, 2014

October is Fair Trade Month!

In honor of Fair Trade Month, I am sharing some of my favorite fairly-traded beauty products! When we think of fair trade, we often think of chocolate, coffee, and sometimes jewelry - but some of our go-to beauty ingredients, like shea, are grown abroad where farmers and tradesmen and women are not paid fairly for their work. Do your part by supporting companies that ethically source their skincare products. My favorites include:

Everyday Shea Body Lotion (widely available - try Whole Foods or Follain)

Fair Squared Lip Balm (foreign fav)

Lush Fair Trade Foot Lotion (a classic cabinet staple)

what are your favs?

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Spotlight: Behind the Walls Magazine

Love sustainable design? Cutting edge architecture? Non toxic living? Check out the Behind the Walls Magazine kickstarter campaign. I've read through their three issues so far and am loving it! It is like a sustainability-focused Architectural Digest, featuring has diverse content like spotlights on innovative companies, products, and people making a difference in the field. They've partnered with The Wall Street Journal for distribution, but are now looking to take the next step and gain an independent audience. A $25 donation to their kickstarter will give you a 1 year subscription to the magazine! They also have a fantastic website which I highly recommend adding to your RSS reader.

Lets wish them lots of luck - we are anticipating many more informative issues!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Green Happenings this Week

image courtesy of Prepfection

  • Happy Columbus Day
  • Need a Friday distraction? Look through these motivating pieces of Earthspiration

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Businesswomen Taking the Lead on Sustainability in the Corporate World

Cox Conserves recently conducted a survey to determine the state of sustainable solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. The results revealed an interesting gender gap. Apparently, women are more likely to support sustainability initiatives in the work place and supply chain. Some of the specific results included:

Committed to Increasing Level of Sustainable Business Activities:
• Female: 70%
• Male: 62%

Satisfied with Current Level of Sustainable Business Activities:
• Male: 50%
• Female: 44%

Oct. is National Women’s Small Business Month, proving the survey data to be timely. The results show that women-led SMBs currently embrace sustainability more than those led by men. To help further sustainability among women-owned SMBs, Cox Enterprises will donate one dollar to the Women's Business Enterprise National Council for every person that tweets #CoxConservesSMB through Nov. 30  (up to $10,000).

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Spotlight: Green City Growers

Earlier this month at BostonEco's Sustainable Home event, I had the pleasure of learning about Green City Growers - a business that "transforms unused space into thriving urban farms, providing clients with immediate access to nutritious food, while revitalizing city landscapes and inspiring self-sufficiency." This gives power to schools, churches, restaurants, and homeowners to build a food-producing farm in any space they have available. It is a perfect solution for those that want to become part of the local food movement but don't have enough resources to build a garden themselves because Green City Growers will install and maintain the raised bed garden space. They also provide urban farming courses and workshops for those that are aiming to be a bit more self-sufficient. Green City Growers is an incredible resource for the greater Boston area, and I look forward to seeing new gardens pop up all over the state!