Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Green Blog Spotlight: The Green Life Online

The Green Life Online is one of my favorite Boston-based green living websites because it has a long-established history of bringing sustainability awareness to the masses. I first heard about the site after meeting their coordinator, Jeff, at Boston Green Drinks a few months ago. The Green Life was founded in 1990 and its mission is to "help the growing number of environmentally aware, health conscious Americans make informed lifestyle decisions. Through education, outreach and advocacy, we support a consumer-driven movement toward sustainable consumption, while guarding against corporate greenwashing." The blog focuses on consumer knowledge and informs people about scams that are associated with some "green" products. The blog also features some great editorial material, with current articles about eating locally in the winter months, organic cosmetics, and of course a guest post by yours truly about pina fiber. Definitely add The Green Life to your list of eco must-reads!

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