Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Review: St. Ives Deep Restoring 24 Hour Moisture Body Lotion

Pros                                                               Cons             
-Effective, long lasting moisturizer                    -Rated 5 (moderate hazard) on EWG SkinDeep
-Great price, $5                                              -Contains artificial fragrances
-Widely available                                            -Term "100% natural" used on packaging (greenwashing)
-Besides fragrance, all ingredients rated
    4 or below
-Large bottle, lasts a while
-No parabens/phthalates

Conclusion: I am pleasantly surprised by this product. I am always wary of items that claim they are "100% natural" because the word "natural" doesn't have a standardized meaning - so its difficult to tell what this 100% claim is all about. This greenwash-sounding claim combined with the low price of the product had me ready to believe that it wasn't sustainable, but I was quite pleased with St. Ives after doing a little research. Though their products use artificial fragrance (grrr!), the company has a thorough commitment to health and the environment. St. Ives is committed to sourcing from sustainable vendors, using post-consumer recycled material for their packaging, and making sure all of their products are paraben free. This product may not be the absolute greenest on the market, but it is definitely the best choice for the price range! 

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