Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Fair Trade Accessories for the Gold Gala

This weekend I'm heading down to NYC to attend the Gold Gala, a fundraiser for St. Jude's Children's Hospital, hosted by some of my Tri-Delta sisters from SLU. I am excited for the event, but I am even more excited that the goal of the event is to raise at least $35,000 for St. Jude. I have my dress and such all picked out, but I needed some accessories, and what better place to get fair trade and environmentally responsible jewelry than Ten Thousand Villages.

I bought these beautiful mother of pearl bangles made by the Metalworkers of Noah's Ark in Moradabad, India:

I highly suggest checking out the Ten Thousand Villages location in Downtown Boston to satisfy any jewelry craving!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Boston Green Drinks Tonight!

Tonight The Nature Conservancy is co-hosting Boston Green Drinks! Come to Kingston Station (downtown Boston) from 6-8pm for green networking, casual conversation, and sustainable idea sharing! The event is free, but please register. 


Monday, February 27, 2012

Green at the Academy Awards

Yes, yes, yes! There was some eco-fashion at last night's Academy Awards! 

Meryl Streep in Lanvin for the Green Carpet Challenge. Best actress and my pick for best dressed!

Livia Firth in recycled PET plastic gown by Valentino and sustainably sourced pink diamonds by Calleijia, and Colin Firth (probably also wearing something sustainable, but sadly I haven't found any info on it yet!)

Viola Davis in Vera Wang. While I'm not sure the gown is eco, Viola has signed on to the Green Carpet Challenge, which may be why she rocked her natural hair last night (which looked great!).

Friday, February 24, 2012

Review: Carol's Daughter Tui Moisturizing Leave-in Conditioner

Pros                                                                                Cons                
-Effective                                                                         -Not rated on EWG Skin Deep Database
-No parabens, sulfates, petrochemicals                             -Not available at typical drug stores (try Sephora)
-Good Price ($12.00)                                                      -Has some artificial fragrances

I've been using this product a lot, especially since I'm not a huge fan of my current conditioner. I am happy with the results - my hair feels great, but I am disappointed that this product is not yet rated on the Skin Deep Database because I really trust Carol's Daughter as a brand. I'd like to know if this product meets the same standards as the other Carol's Daughter products. I am also wary that there are some artificial fragrances included on the ingredient list. Most of the good scent can be attributed to natural oils like lavender, but the last ingredient listed is: Fragrance (Parfum) - which is not a good sign. I probably won't buy this product again, but I'll keep you posted because natural leave-in conditioners are hard to find! (Let me know if you use a good one!)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

7 Green Reasons Why I Can't Wait for Spring & Summer

1) Can't wait to turn the heat off! It will save me money, cut my carbon emissions and fossil fuel use, and will be easier on my skin.

2) I will be able to take cooler showers, which will also cut my carbon footprint and be better for my skin.

3) I'll finally be able to open all of my windows! Indoor Air Quality is much lower than outdoor air, so I can't wait to get some fresh air circulating to blow away all those VOCs and particulate matter.

4) Outdoor activities! Can't wait to just read outside instead of being all cooped up in front of the TV.

5) There will be more local foods available. Any body else ready for some fresh MA strawberries?

6) Staycations, Massachusetts is like paradise in the summer, we have the ocean & the mountains both within an hour drive/train trip.

7) I can unplug my work out, and save some electricity by running outside.

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Sunday, February 19, 2012


It is unusually warm for February. Let's get outside and enjoy our beautiful city!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Organic goes Global

USDA standards for organic products are now accepted as organic in Europe, and the EU standards for organic food are now accepted as organic here (with the exception that organically raised animals in Europe can be treated with antibiotics, and in the U.S. they cannot - thus, European animal products will be marked differently than other organic foods). This is great news because it will give mindful grocery shoppers more options! 


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Run the Boston Marathon with Team Nature

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The Nature Conservancy is providing a way for  runners with a passion for the environment to partake in one of our city's most celebrated traditions: The Boston Marathon! By joining a marathon "team," runners don't need to meet the marathon's qualifying times, so all runners are encouraged to apply. This is a great opportunity to make a difference - each participant will commit to raising at least $5000 for The Nature Conservancy. I look forward to cheering on Team Nature at the marathon this April!

Click here to apply. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day!

Here are some quick/last minute green Valentines Day tips:
-Got a date tonight? Choose a restaurant affiliated with the Green Restaurant Association.
-Send e-cards or handmade cards from recycled materials rather than new valentines from the store. 
-Choose locally made, fair trade or organic candy. I highly suggest Taza Chocolate.
-Choose potted plants over flowers that will only last a few days. 
-Reminder: telling someone you love them doesn't take that much carbon... unless you are flying from far away to tell the person, in which case, offset your trip!

Monday, February 13, 2012

TOMS Wishlist

TOMS Wishlist

The new TOMS ballet flats are so cute! But I have to say, I am still dying for some of their classic designs.

Toms shoes
$54 -

Toms shoes
$54 -

TOMS ballet flat
$79 -

Toms shoes
£37 -

TOMS ballet flat
$79 -

Friday, February 10, 2012

Mass Save & National Grid Campaign

While waiting for the T at Haymarket, I saw great ad campaign by Mass Save and National Grid featuring boards like this:

The adds show that CFLs don't always look ugly and swirly - they are now both stylish and functional. This means - NO MORE EXCUSES for keeping your incandescents. Here is a helpful lightbulb guide from Mass Save:

EISA phase out label

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bills, Bills, Bills

Everybody hates getting bills, but to my surprise, this one made me smile! My Delta Dental bill reminded me to go paperless and save a tree! I will certainly be taking that advice.
Thanks for the reminder Delta Dental!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Review: Dentisse Natural Reflection Toothpaste

In honor of the new Eco-dentistry badge on Practically Green, I decided to do a review of my current toothpaste! For the past few weeks I've been using Dentisse Natural Reflection.

Pros                                                                              Cons              
-Effective                                                                     -Not reviewed by EWG 
-No alcohol, preservatives, or synthetic ingredients          -Contains palm kernal oil
-Made in the U.S.                                                         -Moderate price range ($17)
                                                                                  -Not available at standard drug stores.

Conclusion: I really like this product and the way it makes my teeth feel, but I originally got it as a free sample - which is good because Dentisse is a bit pricey for a toothpaste! That being said, I probably will not buy this product again since Tom's of Maine toothpastes are a whopping $7.00 cheaper on average, and are rated a 0 on the EWG Skindeep Database. Its too bad, because other than the price and the lack of third party information on Dentisse, I really like it!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Using Polyvore for Ecofashion Roundups

I just made an account on Polyvore that I will use exclusively to create eco-roundups! Here are my first two:

Above is an eco black tie outfit featuring an organic cotton dress, recycled & fair trade jewelry, and vegan shoes.

This fall outfit features an organic top and skirt, all natural nailpolish, recycled necklace & earrings, and vegan shoes and clutch.

To see more of my favorite eco looks, make sure to follow "Cameron Bruns" on polyvore or on pinterest!

Monday, February 6, 2012

KeepCup: Greening Your Caffeine Fix

Ever brought your own tumbler to a coffee shop and gotten some weird looks from the barista? Or maybe they don't know what to charge you because it is hard to gauge the size of your tumbler in comparison to their shop's standardized plastic/paper  cup sizes? KeepCup solves all that. KeepCup is the first barista stand reusable cup for espresso based beverages - it keeps things easy by replicating the size and shape of their disposable counterparts. Keep cups are BPA-free and come in four espresso-machine friendly sizes. Customers can also choose their own colors and design for their cup on the KeepCup website!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Healthy Living

Just discovered a new healthy living website: it includes great informative articles, tips, and discussions. Time for all of us to live hella wella!

I live hellawella by thinking of environmental and health consequences before making any purchases.

How do you live hellawella?