Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Review Wednesday: Seventh Generation Unbleached Bath Tissue

I'll spare you my specific pros and cons of my toilet paper use and just jump to my conclusion: Seventh Generation Natural Unbleached Bath Tissue is a great product! Not only is this bath tissue 100% recycled, (which all TP should be, why should we use virgin paper for something we use for 10 seconds!) it is also unbleached. Its a little odd to see toilet paper that isn't bright white, but after the initial shock, the feel and effectiveness of the product is the same. 

So why purchase unbleached TP? The chlorine gas used to make paper white is extremely toxic and an environmental hazard. Chlorine pollutes waterways, destroying fisheries and threatening water-based industries. 

The unbleached bath tissue is also a product that supports the company's Campaign for a Toxin-Free Generation, which is specifically aiming to reduce childhood exposure to chemicals. 

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