Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Review Wednesday: Gabriel Moisturizing Liquid Foundation

Gabriel Moisturizing Liquid Foundation
Image courtesy of Gabriel Cosmetics

Pros                                                          Cons     
-Good coverage                                        -Wipes away easily
-Natural looking                                        -Not good for oily skin
-Cruelty Free                                            -Medium Price ($28)
-Company recycling program                     -Rated 5 on EWG
-No artificial fragrance                               -Rated 3.4 on GoodGuide
-Easy to apply                                         -Not widely available (try Whole Foods)

Conclusion: Well, I had to do some research on this one. Both third-party rating systems that I reference (the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep Database and Good Guide) say that this product is a medium hazard due to the ingredient Retinyl Palmitate. Um, what is that?!

Retinyl Palmitate is a very common vitamin A supplement used in skincare products. High doses have been linked to cancer in lab animals. Adding to this concern, when Retinyl Palmitate is exposed to UV light, it can break down into toxic free radicals, which can also lead to cancer. So when wearing this product, or other products containing Retinyl Palmitate, make sure to avoid sun exposure (Hint: check your sunscreen labels to make sure they don't contain this ingredient).

On the upside, Gabriel Cosmetics has an awesome recycling program. For every 5 product containers you return, you get a free lipstick! So, not only are you recycling, you also get a free product - love it!

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