Friday, June 7, 2013

Fun Friday: Ethical Gift Guide for Fathers Day

1. Experiential gifts usually have less of an impact than material items. How about sailing lesson with dear old dad with the Boston Sailing Center?

2. If you think your dad would appreciate a more traditional gift, maybe a Jaan J. vegan tie would be up his alley.

3. Is your dad a big skiier? This wine rack made from upcycled skis is amazing!

4. A phone case is always an easy last-minute gift - make it an eco-gift as well by choosing a case made out of bamboo.

5. Not sure what dad wants? An open table gift certificate by using your open table rewards points is a great way to treat him to dinner while letting him choose the place. (BONUS: encourage him to choose a green restaurant).

6. Red Sox tickets. Who doesn't want to catch a game with Dad?!

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