Friday, June 28, 2013

Fun Friday: Higher Ground is Boston's First Rooftop Farm

Courtney Hennessy, Founder of Higher Ground, Image Credit

So you've heard of green roofs, but what about rooftop farms? Boston's first rooftop farm opened this spring on top of the Boston Design Center in the Seaport District. If you've ever seen the building, you know its huge, which gives the rooftop farm 55,000 square feet of space, making it the second largest open-air roof farm in the world. This is simply amazing - think about how much food can be grown in a 55,000 sq. foot farm (well, if you're from the 'burbs this may not seem like a lot, but as a North Ender trying to grow as many herbs as possible in window boxes, I think this is incredible). 

I can't wait to go see Higher Ground for myself! The farm is yet another wonderful example of all of the recent environmental innovation happening in Boston.

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