Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Green Tip Tuesday: Have a Picnic

Last week, my book club met at Christopher Columbus Park and had a picnic - and it struck me that it was a very green meeting (though I need to remind some of my friends to use reusable shopping bags). Since the weather has been so amazing in Boston over the the past couple days, now is the perfect time to discuss green picnic tips!

1) We are lucky that Boston has lots of green space, so pick a park nearby for your picnic - no driving, or train needed!

2) Pack vegetarian snacks to share - preferably with locally grown ingredients.

3) Reusable tumblers, plates, and flatware are ideal, but if that is too heavy or fragile to carry to your picnic spot, try the stylish green disposables by Susty Party. (available at Whole Foods and online). 

4) Clean up after yourself! Dispose of trash and recyclables appropriately. And, bring extra reusable containers to split up the leftovers among the attendees. 

Picnics are a great way to have fun and enjoy the outdoors. 


  1. Love this! I'm dying to have a picnic with the NY girls...

  2. You should! So easy and so fun! P.S. I am coming down to NYC in 2 weeks - would love to see you and all the girls if you're around!