Friday, June 21, 2013

Fun Friday: Sponsored Post from National Sheds Australia

While I am away at the Alt Summit, please enjoy this sponsored post / advertisement from National Sheds, and check back next week for my usual Boston-based content.

Having a backyard is such a great pleasure. It gives context to your house, separates your house from the rest of the world and also gives you your very own outdoor area. They are also very functional. Backyards provide some storage space, and can help save money and help your home run more sustainable by allowing you space for things like a water tank, solar panels, or an electricity generator. a shed increases the value of your property quite a lot, because of all these factors. Having a tank to capture rain water will become more and more valuable in the forseeable future. National Sheds make a variety of different sheds and barns that can accommodate all of these features. A shed can be anything really. You can even make your shed liveable, if you put some energy saving insulation in the walls (if your shed is a simple corrugated iron structure this will be a big project). If you want to make your shed multi-storied, with windows, electricity and a hot water connection and sound-proofed walls there's nothing stopping you. Just as long as it's safe and approved. If you just want it to be a solid steel box structure with a door and some hooks on the walls, that's ok too. Use your shed to your advantage, whatever your project!

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