Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Climatide: Dead blog with content that lives on

I am a huge fan of WBUR. Listening for even a few minutes a day leaves me feeling informed and inspired. This morning, there was a great story about wind turbines in Gloucester, and I was searching for a copy of the piece online when I stumbled across an old WGBH blog called Climatide.

Climatide included many informative, easy-to-read articles about the impacts of climate change on Cape Cod and Massachusetts' coastline. The blog project ended in March 2012, but I am now going back and trying to read as many of the articles as possible. Some subjects include declining fish stocks, impacts of the Japanese earthquake, a look back at Thoreau's journals ...and other diverse, yet relevant stories. I highly suggest taking a look if you are interested in climate change or oceanography!

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