Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spotlight: Boston Organics

In honor of Fair Trade Month, this week's spotlight is on Boston Organics. Boston Organics is a grocery delivery service that provides organic and local produce, eggs, meat, and even fair trade coffee and chocolate! Boston Organics makes eating healthy super simple. Customers can choose from a variety of organic boxes: local foods, only veggies, only fruit, office boxes, etc. And there are difference box sizes so people can choose the price range that is right for them. (This is perfect for city dwellers with small households). 

The company not only provides organic and local foods to customers, but also is involved in many community initiatives, and is on a mission to lower their environmental impact. 

Finally, the Boston Organics website is great because it features weekly recipes and they have lively social media accounts. I, for one, love using Pinterest to store my recipes, so I was excited to see that Boston Organics has a frequently-updated account.  

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