Friday, October 25, 2013

Sponsored Post: Using Natural Materials in Home Décor

Many people want to be more eco-friendly, but struggle with actually implementing green lifestyle changes. The best place to start is at home, and if you’ve got a renovation project coming up or already have one underway, incorporating natural materials into your home’s new décor is a great way to help the planet. Materials that are sustainably sourced, rapidly renewable or are made from organic fabrics are often free of toxic chemicals. Plus, natural materials look amazing in any home, so your décor will look chic as well.

Reclaimed Wooden Floorboards
There’s no better way to add an element of cozy, rustic charm to your home’s interiors than to work with the flooring you’ve already got. Peel back those carpets and see what condition your home’s existing floorboards are in. You’ll need to be armed with a kit of tools and supplies, including an electric sander and some dye, but if you’re willing to put in the effort the results will look amazing. For a guide to doing it yourself, check out this online tutorial.

Wicker Furniture
Investing in wicker furniture for your garden or conservatory will look lovely as well as being environmentally friendly. It’s a good idea to check with the retailer that the material has been sustainably sourced and is made from rattan or palm vine, so picking a reputable company is incredibly important if you want to be eco-friendly. Give each one a call or visit their website to check where they source their furniture from, a good place to start is Shackletons.

Slate Tiles
Slate tiling looks amazing in kitchens and bathrooms, and as a natural material, it has no harmful manufacturing process attached to it. Even if you don’t want to go the whole hog and re-tile, if you ever come across any scrap slate in your local area, it has a multitude of other uses. Use slabs as place mats or coasters, or even put a wooden frame around it and use it as a rustic notice board in a home office or kitchen.

Something for Everyone
Raw, natural materials will never date, which is why they’re so popular among homeowners that want to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle. As we’ve demonstrated, there’s something for budgets both big and small, so everybody can do their bit to help the environment by making a few changes next time they re-decorate.

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