Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Green Tips for Watching the World Series

Wooohoo! Boston is in the 2013 World Series! While watching our boys crush the Cardinals, here are a few ways to green your baseball viewing:

1. Stay local. No need to trek to a bar across the city to watch the sox, the games sure to be showing in every bar and in every apartment in the city, so choose a venue near you.

2. Choose vegetarian snacks. Something about watching sports just makes ya hungry. Be green by ordering the veggie nachos instead the beef chili variety.

3. Choose organic and local beverages. Sam Adams just screams “Go Boston!” and bonus points if you go with an organic beer like Peak.

4. If you’re watching at home, check your energy vampires at the end of the night. See that red or green light on your dvd player? That means it is drawing energy from the outlet. Turn off power cords and unplug appliances once the game is over – and go celebrate!

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