Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Review Wednesday: The Wet Brush

Pros                                                                      Cons        
-Most effective, ouch-free brush ever!                      -Made of plastic
-Made in the U.S.                                                 -No company envi policy
-Affordable                                                           -Greener brush options available
                                                                          -Not rated on Good Guide

Conclusion: I have to admit, this brush is fantastic. I have long curly hair that is usually pretty knotty when I get out of the shower. The wet brush cuts through my hair like butter, and I love it. The downside, however, is that this brush is made entirely from non-biodegradable plastic. With this in mind, I will take good care of this brush so that I can use it for years to come. I don't want it to end up in a landfill! The one eco aspect of the Wet Brush is that it is made in the U.S., so at least it has a smaller carbon footprint than the millions of plastic hairbrushes produced in Asia. Still, I highly recommend looking into more sustainable alternatives to the wet brush (see link above).


  1. Cameron, Thanks for the kind comments! You will be glad to know that we are launching our GREEN Wet Brush in 60 days. The handle is made of Bamboo, the packaging is all eco freindly and a donation from the sale of each brush is made to "Waves for Water" a non profit organization focused on keeping our oceans, rivers and lakes clean and green!

    Jeff Rosenzweig
    Wet Brush - JD Beauty Group

  2. Dear Cameron,

    Thanks for your kind words. You will be pleased to know our environmentally friendly Wet Brush will be launching September 1st. The handle is made of Bamboo and the box is all 100% recyclable. In addition a portion of the profits from each brush sold will be donated to "Save the Waves", a non profit organization focused on preserving our oceans, lakes and rivers.

    Jeff Rosenzweig
    The Wet Brush / JD Beauty Group

  3. That is wonderful news!!!! So excited to hear about this!