Friday, July 19, 2013

Knudsen Vinyards: Small Wineries on the Rise

At the Trust for Public Land 40th Anniversary Party  back in April, I had a great conversation with their Chair, Page Knudsen Cowles, during which she mentioned that her family recently returned to wine making on their vineyard in Oregon. Knudsen Vineyards is a great example of the growing support for small, family-run wine production. Such support can also be seen through the success of organizations such as Small Vineyards which labels certain small-production wines from Italy, Spain, and Macedonia so that they are easy for consumers to identify at stores.

Knudsen is the definition of a small production. They will be releasing just 100 cases in 2014! The 127-acre vineyard is certified sustainable by L.I.V.E. and is planted using viticultural techniques. The mission of Knudsen is "to engage in enlightened and thoughtful viticulture and stewardship of the land." Now, it is our jobs as wine drinkers to purchase wines from them and similar small, sustainable sources!

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