Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Green Tip Tuesday: How to Be an Eco-Savvy Party Guest

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It is cookout season! Lots of fun outdoor parties going on, especially with the Fourth of July holiday on Thursday. Here are some tips to keep in mind while attending BBQ's (if you're the host, read  how to throw a green party for the 4th)

1. Mind your drink. Recycle all bottles and plastic cups. If you don't see a recycling bin, ask the host if there is a bag or container that is for recyclable items. If you plan to have more than one drink, reuse the same cup. 

2. Choose your meal wisely. Skip the burgers and dogs, and stick to the vegetarian options. After all, summer parties are known for some mean potato salad!

3. Bring an ethical hostess gift. Organic wine, fair trade coffee, local fruit are all great eco-aware gifts that your host will love. 

4. Wear something eco/ethical as a conversation starter. Just got some sweet Warby Parker sunglasses? Tell your friends about WP's one-for-one program. Or when someone compliments your bracelets from Ten Thousand Villages, tell them about the product's origin.

5. Be a tidy guest. If you are walking around, grab stray bottles and trash and dispose of them properly. Not only will your host appreciate this, but plastic/glass is more likely to end up in the recycling rather than the trash. 

6. Carpool or take public transit to the party. 

And of course, have fun! 

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