Monday, August 20, 2012

Suki Facial Treatment at G2O Salon

Last week I had the opportunity to visit G2O Spa and Salon on Newbury St. and get an organic Suki facial treatment. I'd been to G2O once before, for a spray tan last winter, and knew that the salon has a good reputation, calming atmosphere, and helpful staff. The facial was a wonderful treat. I got ready in the locker room which is decked out with modern amenities like a steam room, automatic locker locks, natural soaps, lotions, mouth wash, and deodorant, and nice clean showers. In fact the building is LEED certified, and is Boston's first "green" spa! (Mayor Menino attended the ribbon cutting ceremony in 2010!). I donned a super-soft spa robe and went to my treatment room. There I met Victoria St. James, my estechian. I discussed my past skin problems with Victoria (acne, dry skin, redness, etc.) and then she began the treatment while describing each of the products to me.

The entire treatment was done with items from Suki, which are high-end skincare products made with organic ingredients. Though Suki products are not USDA certified organic, they are all rated between 0-3 on the EWG SkinDeep Database (this is a fantastic rating meaning that all of the ingredients are safe!). In addition to the Suki cleanser, oil, masque, peel, and moisturizer treatments, Victoria also conducted lymphatic drainage on my face and neck. This is simply a way of moving tissues and massaging the skin to encourage the lymph system to stay active. It was an interesting and relaxing experience.

Through my discussion with Victoria, I learned that my mild acne occurs because when the skin resurfaces every 5 weeks, if I don't exfoliate properly, the dead skin stays on top, looking like dry skin and traps new skin and oils underneath. This is a fairly easy problem to solve - exfoliate! She also recommended 2 specific Suki products for me to use at home: the creamy foaming cleanser and the balancing day lotion. Both products help regulate the skin's moisture level so that it is neither too oily or too dry. What I also love about both of these products is the scent. Lemongrass and lavender - fantastic! When I walked out of the spa, my skin was so soft I couldn't stop touching it. My chin was a little red (that is one of my problem areas) but the redness was gone by the next morning and my skin still feels soft and balanced 4 days later.

I highly recommend going to G2O Spa and Salon and trying out one of their eco-friendly offerings. The one I tried was the Organic Clarifying Facial. I can't wait to go back and do it again!

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