Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: VitaCare Toothpaste

Pros                                                                  Cons                   
-Clean feeling after brushing                               -Tastes sweet (might be better for children)
-Good Price ($6)                                               -Rated 6 on EWG (Moderate Hazard)
-Balanced pH                                                    -1 ingredient = 8 on EWG (high hazard)- RETINYL PALMITATE 
-No parabens, pthalates, or petrochemicals        - 7 ingredients listed in moderate hazard range
-No animal testing                                              -Non-signer to Compact for Safe Cosmetics
-No artificial sweetener
-Made in the U.S.
-Company commits to responsible packaging

Conclusion: This product baffles me a little because the company's website claims that they use no hazardous chemicals in their products, but they in fact use chemicals that are rated hazardous and moderate hazard by the Environmental Working Group's SkinDeep Database. This is disappointing since I love that this product is both made in the U.S. and is committed to using post consumer materials in their packaging. The toothpaste is also a bit sweet for my taste, so I'm likely to switch back to Tom's of Maine after this. 

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