Monday, February 3, 2014

5 Ways to Contribute to a Shared Outdoor Space

More and more housing companies are turning away from homes with their own gardens to more vertical houses with shared, co-operative yard spaces.  If you live in a home with spare green space, you might be wondering how best to contribute to it.  Most co-ops ask their users to bring an item as a token of membership, so here are 5 great ways to contribute. 

  • BBQ

There’s nothing better than a warm summer’s day outdoors with a barbecue.  Therefore, contributing the BBQ itself could be a very valuable contribution.  Even better, you could build your own using brick and mortar, as this is a great excuse to be outside and to rope in your neighbors to get to know them a little better.  

  • Garden Furniture

If you’re looking to provide your shared space with a truly practical gift, there’s nothing better you could do than purchase outdoor furniture from a specialist like Garden Furniture  This could be the beginning of a new social space for you and your neighbors, so providing a great place to relax would be a good start.

  • Fun and Games

On the other hand, sometimes a serious, practical gift isn’t necessarily the right approach.  Instead, you could provide the entertainment for the co-op space.  A sustainably-made swing set for the kids or a set of goals for a weekly street soccer match might be a better path to tread, particularly if you’re looking to bring your community closer together.  

  • Fruit and Veggie Garden

A fun yet useful approach might be to plant some fruit trees or a vegetable patch.  That way, you and your neighbours could prosper from the annual crop, and meanwhile, you could tend to the garden as a group, providing everybody with plenty of exercise and time outdoors.

  • Tools of the Trade

Unfortunately, every garden requires maintaining.  Therefore, you could become everyone’s favorite garden co-operative member by bringing your own (efficient) lawnmower and maintenance tools.  After a few weeks, you could ask the others to join in with the work and you could maybe even create a rotation to ensure that everybody’s doing their fair share.

Good luck and happy gardening! 
Author: Pete, Garden Furniture Centre 

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