Monday, February 24, 2014

3 Fun Recycled Crayon Crafts

If you have kids, you probably have lots of broken Crayons. Instead of throwing away all those bits of colored wax, why not recycle them into a work of art or another useful creation? Here are three fun crafts you can do to recycle your broken Crayons:

1. Rainbow Crayon Hearts – An easy way to make your broken Crayons useful again is to melt them into new, fun shapes. Using a silicon mold, heart shaped for example, place the broken Crayon bits. Make sure all the paper is removed. The end product also looks better if the colors blend well, like blue and yellow for example. Melt in a 250 degree oven for fifteen to twenty minutes. Let cool before removing. The resulting heart crayons make for a fun Valentine’s Day gift! Try different mold shapes for different seasons or holidays. You can even make crayon cars, worms, butterflies, or other kid-friendly ideas.

2. Crayon Monograms – A great gift for Teacher’s Appreciation Day, you can make a large initial monogram by simply gluing broken Crayon parts creatively. Invest in a nice frame and you have a great gift for your child’s teacher. Or make one with your child’s initials for a fun addition to their room’s wall art. 
3. Crayon Drip Décor – Last but not least, melting crayons make for all kinds of fun décor. The most basic use is done by gluing a new box of crayons to the top of a large paper or poster and then melting them and allowing the drips to make a rainbow. While attractive, it does not work as well with broken crayons. However you can use broken crayons to make a similar effect on three dimensional objects like pumpkins. Using a white pumpkin and melting crayons, paper free, with a hair dryer you can have an awesome rainbow effect for your decorating needs. Don’t limit yourself just to pumpkins; this fun craft can have all sorts of uses throughout the seasons. 

These three fun crafts really make you take a second look at what you throw away. Even broken items can find new uses. Help your kids to understand what it means to reduce, reuse and recycle!

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