Monday, February 10, 2014

5 Steps to Greater Tranquility at Home

Your home is supposed to be a place to feel restful and to recoup after a hard day’s work. Turning your home into a tranquil retreat is a great approach to take if you’re looking to spruce things up with a little bit of redecorating and hard work.  So how do you go about turning your home into a restful retreat?  Here are 5 steps to achieving a truly tranquil home.

1 – Natural Materials
Cold, harsh materials such as metal and glass should be avoided if you’re looking to create an environment that’s welcoming, comforting and soothing.  If your home is full of modern furniture, replace it with rustic feeling wooden pieces like the ones available from Trade Furniture Company.  Take up your carpet and reveal the wood floorboards beneath. With a little bit of care (plus sanding and staining) you could turn them into one of the best – and most tranquil – features of your home.

2 – Sleepy Sounds
Twitter notifications might be practical, but they’re not conducive to a relaxing home.  Try playing soothing music, and open the windows to allow the sounds of nature to come into your home.  You could even designate certain hours of the day where you switch off all your technology to prevent any distractions.  

3 – Natural Light
There are a number of studies showing that exposure to natural light promotes a healthy, balanced lifestyle and is also physically good for you.  Not only that, but it releases melatonin which is known to increase productivity.  Therefore, draw the curtains and let the light in because it’s only going to be beneficial.  After all, a relaxing environment is a happy one, so improving your mood will carry you a long way in your quest for a more tranquil home.

4 – Minimal Design
Clutter is the enemy of a clear mind and a stress-free home.  The more things you have out, the more there is to clean, tidy and put away, and this all amounts to a significant amount of stress and hard work.  Therefore, if you’re looking to operate a tranquil home, the answer is to go minimal.  White walls, as little furniture as you could manage, plenty of open space and simple fixtures.  

5 – Bringing Nature to You
As previously stated, nature is great for relaxation, so if you’re looking to really go the whole hog, you should try to increase the amount of nature in your home.  Do this by extending your outdoor space in – by, for example – placing green potted plants in strategic locations and by having more natural materials in your home. 

Author: Trade Furniture Company

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