Friday, October 26, 2012

Event: Sustainable Development at the French Cultural Center

To celebrate la Fête de la Science, the French Cultural Center is thrilled to welcome Paul Colonna, teacher at the prestigious College de France. Professor Colonna, also known as le Pape de la Chimie Verte, will discuss our energy needs and how this represents an important challenge for sustainable development, focusing on the point of the sustainable bioenergies in developed countries. Since the turn of the century, global interest in the production and consumption of biofuels (essentially ethanol and biodiesel) has been growing. In fact the topic encompasses wood energies, biogas and biobased chemicals. The interest has been caused on the one hand by environmental concerns, the need to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and on the other hand physical limitation of fossil carbons, interest in diversifying the energy mix, and reducing ecotoxicity of chemicals. Professor Colonna will consider questions that have recently arised about potential impacts of bioenergies, such as competition with food supply, risks of losing biodiversity, reduction of water quality and availability. To create an interesting exchange of ideas, Professor Robert Kaufmann, Director of the Center for Energy and Environmental Studies at Boston University will also present his views on this subject. Talk will be followed by a reception.

WHAT: Sustainable Development: Challenges and Issues
Celebrate la Fête de la Science with a talk on American and French approaches to sustainable development.

WHERE: French Cultural Center
               53 Marlborough Street, Boston, MA

WHEN: Tuesday, October 30, 6:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Members and students with valid ID: $7 Non-members: $12
RSVP Required: 617.912.0400

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