Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Best of Boston: Green Websites!

Boston Magazine does a great job of rating everything in Boston each year. We look to these lists for restaurant suggestions, salons, the best boutiques, and just about everything related to Boston lifestyle. However, there is one thing missing - in my opinion at least - a list of local lifestyle websites! There are large compilations of Boston blogs on websites like Boston Blogs and Boston Bloggers but I've decided I'm going to turn my "Links and Resources" page into a list of Boston's top 100 green websites. These websites can be blogs, government sites, nonprofit sites, online apps and more  - anything as long as they serve as an online green living resource to people in the Boston area (or people around the world, but is based/written in Boston). If you have suggestions for my list, please comment!

1 comment:

  1. New Generation Energy ( Based in Boston. They are relaunching their brand and rolling out a new community-initiative program (Jan. 2013) starting in Boston. Plus they're elevating their education piece for individuals to use - green tech, product, etc. They're becoming more forward thinking and modern, a much more realistic and human organization. They're newly appointed COO is young (28) and has really big plans for the org. Keep an eye out for them.