Friday, October 19, 2012

Creating a Green Bedroom

Today we have another guest post. This one comes from IntelliBED:

When a person is trying to lead a green lifestyle, it is important to incorporate the idea into decorating and furniture choices. Having an environmentally friendly bedroom can be healthy and help the planet at the same time. Here are a few green bedroom design ideas.

When decorating a room, slapping paint on the wall is usually the first thing to do. What most people fail to realize is that many paints give off harmful chemicals into the air. To avoid this problem, it is best to search for no VOC paint.

Secondly, in order to conserve energy, it is important to make sure that each room in the house is properly insulated. Filling up cracks in walls or gaps surrounding windows will definitely help to conserve energy. In the end, better insulation will lead to lower electric bills each month.
To cover the floor, there are many brands of carpets and other flooring products made from recycled materials like old plastic bottles. Bamboo and cork are two other alternatives to consider since they are renewable resources. For people who are looking to add vibrant color to the floor area, there is also recycled glass tile available.

Instead of buying all new furniture, it is more sustainable to remodel old pieces. Painting old wood dressers or nightstands will add a new look to the room. It may also work to repaint your existing headboard. Reupholstering chairs and recovering old pillows will be much less expensive than buying new furniture and helps the environment. It is also fun to use antiques as accent pieces around the room. Using plants in the space will also help purify your indoor air.

IntelliBED is the best mattress

Of course, one of the most important parts of the bedroom is the bed itself. Some mattresses on the market also help keep the environment clean. The chemical free mattress from Intellibed is a great option  that uses natural materials with patented Intelligel Technology. This type of mattress relaxes pressure points known to cause pain and properly supports the back. Hospitals have been using mattresses like this for years because of the hypoallergenic, antimicrobial, and nontoxic properties.
Along with the mattress, it is good to  consider bedroom linens. Organic linens are the simplest way to keep a bedroom environmentally friendly.  Normal cotton linens contain pesticides because of both farming practices and the manufacturing process. Harsh chemicals are used to make the fabric softer to the touch, yet pollute they environment and can affect human health. Using organic cotton sheets will help avoid this problem.

There are many ways to make home's decoration clean and green. The bedroom can be a space filled with green ideas, including the mattress. Intellibed has developed a unique technology that is all natural and environmentally sound. With a little creativity and research, the bedroom can be the healthiest and most relaxing room in the house.

Author Bio:
This article was written by Princess Galsim, health and home improvement ambassador for IntelliBed. IntelliBed is a leader in Intelli-Gel mattresses, which master the art of sleep. Get chemical free mattress from Intellibed and experience the true meaning of healthy sleep.


  1. The better insulation tip resonates with me, seeing as I work for an insulation company. In addition to sealing up gaps and cracks, it is also a good idea to have larger measures, like wall and loft insulation, installed as well.

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