Thursday, March 1, 2012

Top Sites for Eco Interiors

I love looking at decor and interior design magazines and blogs (not to mention Pinterest) to get ideas for my apartment. Of course, I especially love decor with a green twist. These are my four favorite green interior decor websites:

1. Apartment Therapy Green Living
Apartment Therapy is a wonderful design blog, and though their "renest" sub-blog no longer exists, they still have a fabulous green living page with lots of before and after ideas, and tips on antiquing, and reusing materials.

2. Pure Green Living
While I don't yet subscribe to the actual magazine, I do often read their blog for ideas. There are many polished and stylish looks to see - all of which are sustainable in some way or another!

3. Inhabitat
Inhabitat is one of the most popular green design resources on the web. They focus more on the green aspects of individual products or designs (such as the lamp made out of repurposed toys above).

4. Green Your Decor
Green Your Decor has a much more personal feel, since the author writes about sustainably designing each room of her own home. She does a beautiful job and gets inspiration from all over the web, which she often shares with her readers. I was lucky enough to interview Jennae in 2010, and I continue to be inspired by her work.

If you like these sites, you should also check out the new Merida Open Studio Blog which also has lots of green design and interior decor advice.

READERS: please note the new banner on the right of this page where you can vote for Boston Green Blog as one of the top 100 green websites. Thanks for your support!

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