Friday, March 2, 2012

Make Your Clothes Last Longer

One of the best way to conserve resources is to take care of what you already have. Here are some tips to make your clothes last as long as possible.

1. Got pills? Use a fabric saver - my roommate just got one of these and it really works! The mini razors simply shave off the unsightly fuzzballs, making your clothes look newer.

2. Wash your clothes in cold cycles. High temperatures can be harsh on clothes, especially brightly colored items.

3. Air dry. Avoid shrinkage, color loss, and preserve energy by air drying your clothes.

4. Read the tag before you wash. Your clothes tell you what they need (but if the item is dry clean only, make sure to go to a green cleaners because traditional dry cleaners use many dangerous chemicals).

5. When you spill red wine, tomato sauce, or other dark liquids - use the old salt and soda water trick for  chemical-free stain prevention. It works, I've only had to use this a million times (I'm trying to work on being a more graceful eater, but its a struggle).

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