Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Basics of Living Green

A sustainable lifestyle isn't about doing or not doing specific things, but rather, its about a way of thinking. The best and easiest way to live green is to consider sustainability in everyday decision making. Here are my tips to making the best green decisions:

1) Be a responsible consumer. Knowing what various labels on packaging means can help you make greener and more cost-effective shopping decisions. For example, the word "natural" is not strictly defined, so it may not be worth spending extra money to buy an item that has the word "natural" in the label. On the other hand, items that are labeled with a third party symbol - by Green Seal, Forest Stewardship Council, the USDA, or other organization, means that these items have met specific standards for sustainability, safety, and health.

2) Minimize your impact. Remembering to do simple things everyday can really make a difference over the longterm. Remembering to turn off lights, unplug electronics, take public transportation, and bring your own shopping bags are just a few tasks that require very little effort.

3) Get engaged. Attend a green networking event, lecture, festival! They are a great way to keep your green momentum and stay inspired!

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