Friday, March 25, 2011

Tom's Shoes for a Casual Summer

Since I'm a "low-carbon" city girl, I do A LOT of walking. Especially as the weather gets warmer, I walk just about everywhere. It is great exercise and a wonderful way to learn the ins and outs of the city, but I tend to go through shoes rather quickly. So, I'm gearing up for a productive spring and summer buy purchasing quality casual shoes with a mission: Tom's Shoes.

Tom's shoes has a unique business design where for every pair of shoes purchased, another pair is donated to people in need around the world. The shoes seem kind of expensive, but you're really buying two pairs of shoes, one for yourself and one for someone that may have never owned shoes before. The photo below shows a few children in Argentina with their brand new Tom's shoes:

I ordered my olive classics yesterday and CANNOT wait for their arrival!
And, yes, I know Tom's are a bit hippy-ish, but lots of people have been able to pull them off stylishly. I'd say that my personal style is sort of bohemian prep and I think my new shoes will fit seemlessly into my summer wardrobe.
See ya on the streets!

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