Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leavin on a Jet Plane

Next week I am making my first ever trip to the west coast! Obviously, traveling by plane is probably going to practically double my carbon footprint for the year, but, I don't have time for a roadtrip, and I need to visit my brobro and my bffs in LA and San Diego!

Here is my eco-chic packing list thus far:

1. Sunglasses - I know they are soooo 2008, but I am still obsessed with my wayfarers.

2. Sunscreen (preferably one that has less chemicals, like Burt's Bees)

3.  Water Bottle - traveling always makes me thirsty so I'm bringing my empty reusable water bottle to fill up on-the-go.

4. Travel Coffee Mug - there is no such thing as a vacation from caffeine.

5. Hair Elastics - won't have space/time for carbon intensive hair styling (like with blow dryers or flat irons).

6. Book - Just took out 2 books from the Boston Public Library: Twenties Girl and Eco Chick Guide to Life. Looking forward to reading these on the plane and at the beach!

7. Gum - I am one of those people that has an awful time with ear popping on planes, plus I've recently discovered this eco-friendly brand of chewing gum:

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