Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back East

I'm back! My week on the west coast was FABULOUS (more details to come), but first I thought I'd share 10 green things I noticed on vaca:

1. The Holiday Inn by LAX, while admittedly not the nicest hotel in the world, still features some great green ammenities including low-flow toilets.

2. Solar powered parking meters. I knew I'd see more solar panels out west, but I'd never heard of the solar powered meters!

3. There is a cute chain of stores in Southern California called "World Market" which is like a Trader Joe's with some home and decor items as well. Lots of free trade/organic options.

4. No smoking on the beaches. I hate finding cigarette buts in the sand.

5. The San Diego Zoo has a wonderful focus on conservation as well has human impact on the environment. They even have a huge display dedicated to climate change and atmospheric CO2 levels.

6. High fines for littering. Litterbugs could potentially owe the state $1000 or more.

7. Less packaging: The super popular fast food chain In n Out Burger used a lot less packaging for burgers and fries than your typical McDonalds or Burger King.

8. Green books galore! My bro took me to this fun little shop in Los Feliz called Wacko that had a number of eco decorating and architecture books that I plan to get from the library asap.

9. Farmers Markets are well advertised. Maybe the fact that they have a longer growing climate makes for more popular farmers markets.

10. Single stream recycling.

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