Monday, November 19, 2012

Review: Bio-Oil Scar Treatment

Pros                                                           Cons                                    
-Easy to use bottle                                      -Rated a 7 on the SkinDeep database (high hazard!)
-Contains lavender oil                                  -Contains artificial fragrance and retinyl acetate
-No parabens or palm oil                             -Marketing targets pregnant women
-Recyclable packaging                                 -No information regarding animal testing or green policies

Conclusion: This is a prime example of tricky product names. Just because the word "bio" is in the title does not mean that the product is green, healthy, or natural in any way. While Bio-Oil is paraben free and somewhat effective, its ingredient list contains some concerning substances. Small doses of artificial fragrance or retinyl acetate (which are both considered a high health hazard by the Environmental Working Group) may not do much harm, but the fact that this product is marketed towards pregnant women is worrisome. 

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