Monday, October 29, 2012

Green Hurricane Prep

Sandy is about to hit hard, so its time to do some last minute preparations in as eco a way as possible.

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1. Skip bottles of water. Fill up your brita, a pitcher, and fill a pot of water on the stove. No need to buy jugs of water at the store, its  a waste of plastic and gas.

2. Small leaks? Don't use paper towels. Use washable rags made from old bath towels or thick clothes.

3. Make extra ice. Before your power goes out, stock up on ice so you can keep your perishable food cold for a while after you lose power.

4. Use soy or beeswax candles. Candles made from paraffin pollute your indoor air and are made from petroleum derived materials.

5. If you're replacing batteries in your flashlights, make sure to dispose of old batteries properly - do not simply throw them in the trash! Look up on your town hall website how to dispose of batteries in your neighborhood.

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