Tuesday, November 25, 2014

How to Recover from an Over-Indulgent Thanksgiving

Image courtesy of Annie Mary

1. First things first, REHYDRATE! This is especially important if you had one too many glasses of red wine at Thanksgiving dinner. One of the best ways to re-hydrate is Harmless Harvest raw organic coconut water!

2. Next, stretch it out with a little yoga. Your body will appreciate it for sure.

3. Thirdly, get something done. Of course it is nice to have a few days off, but it is also a great feeling to accomplish something over the long weekend. I suggest holiday shopping on Black Friday - but ONLINE ONLY. Definitely check out and Follain's online store for eco gifts for the whole family.

4. Freeze your leftovers, and enjoy them a little at a time instead of binging on them all at once.

5. This weekend is a great time for a digital detox. All of your friends and coworkers want to enjoy Thanksgiving with their families too, so turn off your phone and computer. This will help save energy and your sanity - just in time for the holiday season.

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