Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How to Make Your Money Work for You and the Planet

image courtesy of Teen Vogue

We all buy stuff, there is no way around it. But, a lot of us buy too much. The average American spends between $30 and $60 on clothing each month. So, how often do you buy new clothes? Do you really need them? Are there greener shopping options that you've been meaning to try but haven't? Here is how you can test if you need to make a change:

1) Look at your spending for the last month and make a note of what percent you spent on clothing. If it is more than 5% of your monthly paycheck, you should re-think your shopping habits. 

2) Did you buy more than one item of clothing in the past month? Was it practical?

3) If you bought clothing last month - have you worn it yet?

4) Did you look at vintage, thrift, or fair trade options for clothes before making your purchases?

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