Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dust Yourself Off For Spring

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Ah yes, spring cleaning continues. Dusting is a quick and easy step towards a clean and healthy home. Here are some dusting tips that reduce your exposure to toxins that may be in your household dust or in your usual cleaning supplies:

 Skip the feather duster. Interior household dust often includes tiny paint particles from slamming doors and opening and shutting windows. If you live in a building that was constructed before 1978, this paint most likely contains some amount of lead - which if inhaled through dust can decrease IQ and lead to serious developmental issues. So, instead of using a dry duster that irritates particles back into the air, use a wet rag instead. Using a rag is also more efficient because many brands of paper towels are made from virgin forests! Warm water is also the best method because it ensures that you aren't replacing household dust with toxic cleaning chemicals. If the dust is particularly hard to remove, try using vinegar and lemon juice on the rag as well. 

Happy cleaning! 

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