Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spotlight: BostonEco

So you want to get more involved in sustainability initiatives but don't know where to start or even what you're particular interest is? Start by following BostonEco on twitter and facebook. BostonEco is a social media community that centralizes information for all green initiatives in and around the city. Following BostonEco is an absolute must for green-minded people in Massachusetts.

BostonEco's mission to further healthy, sustainable ideas and initiatives locally and globally. The community is knowledgeable on the basics of healthy, natural living. BostonEco supports and promotes green initiatives, news, and events happening in the Boston area and suburbs from like-minded local organizations.

BostonEco was one of the first feeds I began following when I started Boston Green Blog. Through them I learn about upcoming events, job openings, local policy issues, and more. 

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