Monday, September 16, 2013

New Perspectives: 5 Companion Plants for Organic Gardens

When it comes to keeping your gardens chemical free you may think you can’t be pest free too. However there are many plants that ward off pests naturally. Planted alongside your vegetables these plants can help keep your garden bug free.

1. Sweet Alyssum – This tiny white flower has a pleasant smell that not only enhances your garden but also attracts natural predators to garden pests. A member of the mustard family, this plant can also be eaten and added to dishes. It has a horseradish-like flavor.

2. Marigold – A great flower to plant throughout your garden, marigolds act as natural pesticides to repel a variety of pests. You can even use the leaves to make a spray pesticide that is completely organic and works great.

3. Rosemary – Not only is rosemary a great herb to add to dishes but it also is a great companion plant for carrots, sage, cabbage, and beans. Rosemary wards off carrot flies, cabbage moth, and bean beetles.

4. Basil – Another great herb for cooking, basil is great at defending tomatoes, cabbages and beans. Basil naturally repels a variety of pests that snack on these plants; it is also supposed to improve the flavor of tomatoes.

5. Yarrow – Last but not least is this tall flower. Not only does it attract pest predators like ladybugs but it also helps to improve the vitality of the plants around it. Plant throughout our garden to fight off a variety of pests, even underground ones like nematodes. This flower also helps herbs to produce more essential oils.

These are just a few of the companion plants that can help to make your organic garden flourish.

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