Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Get a Clue

Alicia Silverstone, most famous for her epic role as Cher in Clueless, has become the epitome of Green Fame. She is well known for being a vegan and she designs eco-friendly makeup bags for Eco Tools. But what I most admire about Silverstone is her blog: The Kind Life. It is updated very frequently with green living tips, recipes, and news - and it gives the actress a unique way to engage with her fans.

Her blog (screen shot above) is updated everyday even though she just gave birth on May 9!

She has graced the cover of my favorite e-zine: COCO ECO

She, like many celebs, went naked for PETA.

And she authored her own Earth-friendly cookbook!

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  1. I like her a lot - she seems very down to earth (pun not intended) and I like someone who is vocal about her beliefs but not preachy. Thanks for passing this along!