Monday, May 9, 2011

Easy Staycations

Summer day trips are the best way to take advantage of the weather without the cost and carbon-footprint of an exotic vacation. Trips by commuter rail are easy and earth-friendly. The Rockport line on the MBTA out of North Station has some great potential summer day trips, particularly at the Salem and Rockport stops.

Rockport is an adorable seaside town with great boutiques, seafood, and ocean views.

Salem, which is about a 20 minute train ride from Boston, is filled with museums, pedestrian walkways, and funky shops. The Peabody Essex Museum in downtown Salem is a great rainy-day activity, while exploring spooky 1600s graveyards, and walking along the seaport is always fun on sunny days.


  1. I went to Salem last summer with my sister and we were looking for the witch museum. I was impatient and popped into something that SAID it was the witch museum, but was actually a place with weird full-size dioramas. A bored high school student served as our tour guide, and we walked through with a bunch of foreign tourists who kept wanting to know which women were the REAL WITCHES. Awesome!

  2. Haha yes, Salem is an interesting place to say the lease. Sounds like you did end up at the real Witch Museum - they do a cheesy little dialogue to the big dioramas - its geared towards kids. The Peabody Essex Museum, however, is by far my fav museum in Salem. It has lots of local art, but is also known for its Asian collections and has a full size 1800's Chinese home rebulit inside the museum!