Thursday, May 5, 2011

Safe Tanning

We are on the brink of summer and everyone is pumped for beach season. By now we all know how bad tanning booths are for us, and sun-bathing isn't much better. So how can we get a beach bronze going with out eventually ending up like a wrinkly prune? Self tanner, duh. I have too major issues when I shop for self tanner:
1) I am super-pale, and a lot of tanners come out very streaky on my skin.
2) I am trying to make my beauty routine completely paraben free.

However, FakeBake has a paraben free gradual self tanning cream specifically designed for fair skin! I was definitely skeptical, but took the opportunity to try a free sample, and let me tell you, I am sold! The cream itself is dark so you can see exactly where you are putting it, its easy to rub in, and dries completely streak free! And to my pleasure, it looks natural. Do please be wary while applying on elbows and knees, because it does dry darker than Jergens gradual mosturizer, so you do have to rub the product in more than you would with the Jergens products.  The end result is worth it though.
I will try to upload some before and after photos sometime soon!

So be healthy, paraben-free, wrinkle-free, skin cancer-free, and still be tan!!!!

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