Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Top Ten Fav Twitterers

Twitter helps feed my need for news and gossip in a to-the-point quick way. However, twitter is completely ueseless if you aren't following interesting feeds. My favorite feeds so far are:

1. @nprnews - This one is obvious. I'm an NPR junkie.

2. @BostonUpdate - The city's quick & easy news and culture outlet.

3. @StLawU - Keeps me posted on my alma mater.

4. @GlobalPost - The best and most interesting international news source.

5. @ChelseaLately - Always good for a laugh

6. @EPAgov - The best of the EPA twitter feeds

7. @TTranscript - Keeps me posted on my hometown

8. @TWYE - If you know what this is, then you already know what a helpful tool it
is (if not and you're on a diet, check out to see what all the fuss is about)

9. @MeridaHome - Shameless plug for my company, but the twitter feed does have great links, deals, contests, and advice for people at all interest levels of green design.

10. @CameronBruns - another shameless plug.

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