Friday, March 12, 2010

Index of My MeridaHome Articles

Not sure if its worth checking out my work on the MeridaHome Blog?

well here is an index of all of the articles I've written for them that have been posted thus far. Here the are starting with the most recent:

Trashion - spotlight on a growing NGO in Ghana that collects plastic trash off the streets and turns it in to stylish handbags.

5 Easy Ways to Reuse Glass Bottles - along with pictures of how I did so in my apartment.

Recycle Your Fleece - Spotlight on Patagonia's sustainability efforts.

Candles 101 - Soy, beeswax, petroleum.... a guide to whats really in your candles.

What Are You Sitting On? - Spotlight on Emeco's Cash for Clunkers Chairs Program.

Jute - An introduction to one of Merida's natural fibers.

Sisal - An introduction to another one of Merida's eco-friendly fibers.

Another Perspective on Copenhagen - Opinion piece on the Copenhagen Climate Summit

Recent Grads Going Green - along with quotes from friends that are trying to do so!

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas -How to save energy in the Winter.

Designing the Greenest Dorm Room - After helping publish St. Lawrence University's Green Guide, I know how to create the greenest dorm room. trust me.

Introduction: Me, Myself, & Sustainability
- Who I am and why I care.

The Green Routine - my cheesiest article.

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