Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Unconventional Wrapping Paper Ideas

One great way to green your holidays this year is by wrapping gifts using recycled or upcycled materials. When I'm feeling creative, I love cutting brown paper bags and decorating the blank side with stamps, glitter and drawings for a DIY touch to my gift-wrap.

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Here are some other ways to cut down on traditional wrapping paper waste:

You can always wear the wrapping! Nice idea by Carolina Eclectic: Unconventional Christmas Wrapping

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Wearable wrapping - if your friends and family wear scarves, wrap the rest of their gift in one for a totally waste-free gift. Same could be done with a shirt or cute dish towels

I love the idea of wrapping gifts in maps and other unconventional things.

An old map is a great look for gift wrap! Lets be honest, we all use Google maps now anyway, so its time to clear out your car's glove compartment. 

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With a little ribbon, newspaper can actually look quite cute!

For small gifts, decorate an Altoids tin.

This upcycled wine/champagne bag is simply amazing. 

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