Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Boston Green Beauty Bloggers

Boston may be a small city, but there are local bloggers and vloggers covering an incredible array of topics, and luckily for those interested in sustainable living, there are some awesome green beauty bloggers in the city. So if you are interested in detoxing your collection of cosmetics, learning DIY treatments, or get the details on what ingredients to watch out for, add these blogs to your reading list:

Boho Chic Meets Organics
This blog is a great place to find product reviews, gift ideas, and holistic wellness tips. The author, Yeiza, is  Boston based wellness coach with a passion for healthy beauty and sustainable fashion.

The Green Queen
Andie the Green Queen is a vlogger covering vegan, natural beauty, diet, and women's health. The great thing about videos is that Andie is able to show you exactly how to use products and you viewers can see the real results.

L'Amour et La Musique
Another vlogger, L'Amour et La Musique is a great channel for makeup tutorials featuring organic, non-toxic products. She covers some lifestyle and music topics as well, and is perfect for eco girls looking for a little glam.

Non Toxique Voyage
Shirley is a Boston based vlogger (who, sadly, is moving to North Carolina this winter - we will miss her!) that uses video to share her journey of learning healthier alternatives for both skincare and diet.

Notes on Lifestyle by Georgina
Georgina is a popular lifestyle blogger in Boston that recently discovered green beauty. She covers a lot of healthy living and fitness topics and is a great place to start for those that are new to non-toxic cosmetics and veganism.

Short, Small & Sweet
This is another great blog to find product reviews, DIY beauty recipes, and some delicious food recipes. Inspired by "The Story of Cosmetics," the author, Ru, documents her green lifestyle through her blog.

BONUS - these are commercial brands that have great blogs!

Moringa Connect
Learn about moringa, the next big sustainable ingredient in healthy beauty.

Organic Bath
Boston's favorite skincare startup shares their process.

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