Tuesday, December 2, 2014

The Dirty Dozen for Skincare

Image courtesy of Safe Cosmetics

The Dirty Dozen was a term coined for a list of twelve fruits and vegetables that are contaminated by the most pesticides and herbacides - the list is a handy guide for consumers so they know what to buy organic. However, toxic chemicals aren't only found in our food. Harmful chemicals can be found in all sorts of consumer products - including the soaps, moisturizers, and makeup we put on our skin everyday. So, health experts have created a Dirty Dozen list for skincare! Print this list and keep it with you when you shop for cosmetics and make sure to read ingredient lists and avoid all of the above chemicals. Or, download an app to do the work for you. I love the EWG SkinDeep app and the ThinkDirty app. both of which have great information on the safety of skincare products. 

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