Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Spotlight: Boston Green Academy

I recently learned about Boston Green Academy while at the Future of Nature Lecture Series hosted by the Nature Conservancy. The school had an information table setup during the cocktail hour, and at one of the events during the series, the speakers were introduced by BGA students. They were enthusiastic participants at the event and learning about their high school was inspiring. Boston Green Academy is a public Boston charter school with a mission to promote sustainability and use it as concept for learning throughout all subjects.
So how, specifically, do students learn about environmental sustainability?

  • 9th Grade > Healthy Trees, Healthy Boston: Cross-curricular unit focusing on green space in Boston (Partners: Nature Conservancy and Southie Trees)
  • 10th Grade > Environmental Justice: Cross-curricular unit focusing on air quality and food justice in Boston (Partner: ACE)
  • 11th Grade > Research paper and thesis defense on social responsibility
  • 12th Grade > Capstone Community Action Project and Sustainability Internships (Partner: ACE)
In addition to providing these unique opportunities, the BGA students are doing very well, and the school is expected to see a 90% graduation rate this year. Congrats, kids! I look forward to seeing these graduates take a leadership role in making Boston the most sustainable city in the country!

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