Monday, November 18, 2013

New Perspectives: Changing Your Home Without Hurting The Environment

Changing Times

Many were stunned by the recent shocking news headlines about 30 Greenpeace activists facing 15 year jail sentences in a Russian prison. This is due to their protests at an arctic oil rig in relation to the environmental consequences of arctic drilling. In conjunction with an announcement from Greenpeace regarding a change in their strategy, they believe that by staging more proactive, high-profile campaigns, there will be a push from the public to force the government to act on important environmental issues.

Make Changes to Your Everyday Life 

Most of us are in agreement about the state of the planet, and find it hard not to connect all the natural disasters and volatile weather conditions to climate change. However, most of us don’t fancy abseiling down the shard to drill this statement home to the masses. There are still changes we can all make to contribute to sustaining the environment and the natural balance and harmony of life.

It is up to each and every person to take responsibility for the impact that their actions have on the environment. Everything should be taken into account in regards to their lifestyle choices - in terms of simple things such as recycling, reusing carrier bags, planting flowers to attract wildlife into our gardens. Take things a step further by making your home as energy efficient as possible, by insulating your loft or refitting those drafty windows, you will see a reduction in your electricity bill.

Use Sustainable and Recycled Materials

If you are redecorating or renovating your house, think about how the materials you used were sourced. Floorboards suit every room, from a rustic kitchen to an urban studio space. Using a reclaimed wood product is also extremely important in regards to the environment; after all, we need to save trees. The Reclaimed Flooring Company has a beautiful selection from French Oak beams to original Victorian Pine floorboards.

We take wood for granted and can be careless when disposing of items we no longer require. But if you want to reduce the chances of landfill and preserve trees, then using reclaimed wood is a positive way to do it. Are you craving an industrial, raw space with exposed brick-work, wrought iron and distressed floorboards? Or how about a cozy kitchen with a vintage dresser and lacy net curtains? By using reclaimed and recycled materials you add dimension and texture to your room and you don’t feel like you are compromising. If anything, the authenticity, using pieces rich with history, looks far more unique than a clinical set of MDF drawers and some faux-wooden flooring.

This post is sponsored by The Reclaimed Flooring Company. 

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