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New Perspectives: 7 Ways to Clean With Essential Oils

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The essential oils from plants such as lavender, rose, tea tree, eucalyptus, orange, lemon, pine, and even peppermint can be very useful and pleasantly scented green cleaning products. Since each bottle is highly concentrated you only need a few drops to do a big job. It may seem to cost a bit more than other natural cleaning methods, but you actually use less and the wonderful smell makes up for any increase in cost! Here are some ways you can clean up green with essential oils:

1. Clean combs and hair brushes with tea tree, eucalyptus or lavender oil. Just twenty drops added to half a cup of vinegar and one and a half cups of water can get your brushes looking and smelling great. Let them soak overnight and then air dry. Make sure you remove any hair before soaking.

2. Get scuff marks off the floor with tea tree oil. Apply a few drops and then rub with a rag wetted with vinegar.

3. Orange oil is great for removing sticky or oily stains. Just apply a few drops to the stain with a cotton ball or rag and dab until stain or stickiness is gone. Wash the spot immediately afterwards with warm water to remove any lingering oils. Will not stain most fabrics.

4. Keep your shower doors looking shiny with lemon oil. Rub or spray on a few drops of lemon oil diluted with water to keep the scum away.

5. Keep your toilet looking and smelling great by mixing two cups of water with two teaspoons of tea tree oil. Spray onto the toilet and let it soak for half an hour. Then scrub to remove stains and scents.

6. Keep your bathroom smelling fresh all day long by adding a drop of fragrant essential oil to the inside of your toilet paper roll. Every time someone goes to use it the scent will be released. I love calming lavender myself!

7. Get windows clean and repel flies and mosquitos! Just add ten drops of lemon grass oil to two ounces of water and spray onto windows for a shiny, great smelling surface that flies and mosquitos can’t stand.

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